A Day in the Life

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A Day in the Life

Ep. 6: What’s Your Form Of Government?

SOG Applications Team March 25, 2021

Faculty Members Kim Nelson and Carl Stenberg summarize the various forms of local government in North Carolina.  These include the prevailing Manager/Council and County Manager forms, and the Mayor/Council form used by some smaller municipal jurisdictions.  Listeners will gain a clear understanding of each form, and of the distinct leadership roles […]


Ep. 5: The Lingo Of Mental Disabilities In NC

SOG Applications Team November 12, 2020

The words that describe the different kinds of mental disabilities can be confounding for laymen, and the terminology for the organizational structures are equally confusing.  In this podcast Mark Botts, SOG faculty member who specializes in this field of law, helps make sense of the “alphabet soup” as he talks […]