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Welcome to “A Day in the Life.” This is a production of the Center for Public Leadership and Governance at the UNC-Chapel Hill School of Government. Each episode is a short podcast on the trials and tribulations newly elected local officials face each day as they serve their first year in public office. With “first meeting” guidance from incumbent officials, quick tips for sidestepping embarrassing media moments, and other advice, you’ll successfully navigate the potholes of public office.

“Beyond the Bench” is a podcast about the legal system produced by the North Carolina Judicial College at the UNC School of Government. It is interview-based, with guests including judges, lawyers, professors, and citizens who have participated in court proceedings. Some interviews focus on guests’ personal experiences and opinions, while others explore discrete legal issues. The podcast is organized by season, with each season focused on a particular type of case. For example, season one is about criminal law and is hosted by Jeff Welty, a member of the criminal law faculty at the School of Government and the director of the North Carolina Judicial College.

The water we drink, the streets we drive on, the police and fire protection we rely on – local governments provide these and other services every day. They set the parameters for quality of life in your community. Local Governments are close to you, but how much do you really know about how they work? What happens behind the scenes, what are everyday tasks of public officials and what you can do to shape the way your community is governed? From taxes to zoning, from waste management to equitable representation, from voters to public officials: This podcast covers the many facets of local government in North Carolina. You will hear from diverse people: public administration experts and lawyers, school children, elected and appointed public officials, students, community organizers and more. Everyone will have a different story about what local government means to them. Hear North Carolinians voice their opinions, ideas, visions, views, and experiences. Stories from this podcast are not official statements by the School of Government, yet, taken together, all of them represent local government in North Carolina.

Networks That Work is a podcast about the networks and relationships that make up social capital. Social capital refers to the connections and networks you have with other people and the value you get from them to help you succeed in life. Your connections are a source of information, emotional support, and even financial support.  In this podcast you'll hear meaningful conversations with health and human service experts to better understand how to help participants in your programs create and access social capital to improve their lives and your program’s participant outcomes.  It features Anita Brown Graham, director of the ncIMPACT Initiative, a data-driven policy initiative at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.

NC Criminal Debrief is a podcast hosted by UNC School of Government faculty member Phil Dixon on all things criminal law. The podcast primarily focuses on state criminal law developments but also includes discussion of significant federal decisions from the Fourth Circuit Court of Appeals and the U.S. Supreme Court, as well as current events affecting criminal law. The episodes are designed to provide context and insight into all aspects of criminal law for both court-system actors and the public at large.